Morgan's Life Timeline

April 22, 1322 - Morgan is born  

July 31, 1327 - Katrina is born

1346 - Morgan sees Katrina for the first time

August 10, 1348 - Katrina first speaks to Morgan

August 15, 1348 - Morgan and Katrina make love, she shows first plague symptoms 

August 17, 1348 - Morgan makes his deal to save Katrina 

August 19, 1348 - Morgan gets 30 pieces of silver from the Devil, the first of many "extras" during his deal 

August 20, 1348 - Heading NW from Nuremberg, Morgan and Katrina stop at the River Main to rest... and make love 

August 22, 1348 - They reach Fulda, where Morgan buys them new clothes, gets a haircut, and they make love in a real bed for the first time 

September 10, 1348 - Morgan and Katrina are married 

May 14, 1358 - Morgan talks to the Devil in Vilnius, Lithuania and voices his decision to head back to Nuremberg  

August 15, 1358 - Morgan is in Prague, Bohemia with Katrina; she starts to get sick again (the start of 48 hour countdown to the end of Morgan's deal) 

August 17, 1358 (Friday) - Katrina dies, and Morgan is made immortal... the first ever human Collector  

August 18, 1358 - Morgan buries Katrina in a mass grave, begins his training as a Collector 

1387-1400 - During this time Morgan collects in London and the surrounding area, meets Geoffrey Chaucer in London (Chaucer lived the later part of his life near Westminster Abbey)  

1526 - Morgan is in Basel, Switzerland, where he hears Paracelsus expound his radical new theories on the cause and treatment of disease.  This will reignite Morgan's interest in finding a cure for the Plague, but, as the Devil predicted, it will still take Morgan almost 5 centuries to discover the plague bacillus

Late 16th century - Morgan goes to the Americas for a short stint collecting from conquistadors and other European bandits; has contact with Native Americans and learns their language 

1650-1673 - During this time Morgan is in France, mostly in Paris, and meets Moliere 

1710-1745 - Morgan collects in Ireland, mostly around Dublin, and meets Jonathan Swift 

1855-1885 - Morgan is in America for the Civil War and some of the Old West. At the time, his last name was Ballentyne. 

1885 - The Devil moves Morgan to England, gives him an annoying new last name: Dickens. Morgan leaves town in 1888, after his identity is nearly revealed.

1893 - Morgan, now in Russia, corresponds with both Alexander Yersin and Kitasato Shibasaburo about his discovery of the etiologic agent of plague -- the bacillus that later became known as Yersinia pestis.  Both Kitasato and Yersin will publish seminal papers on the subject the following year, within days of each other, while Morgan remains necessarily anonymous.

1944-1945 - Morgan is in Los Alamos, NM to collect the soul of a man who sold his soul to come up with an atomic bomb before the Nazis did.

1983 - The Devil moves Morgan to Vancouver 

1992 - Devil lets Morgan leave town to go to Chicago, where he collects the soul of John Wayne Gacy -- an out-of-towner is needed for the job

Present Day - Morgan continues to collect in Vancouver, using all the trappings of modern technology to find his Clients. The difference is, Morgan can now seek salvation for his Clients in their last 48 hours on Earth... and perhaps for himself?

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